Mission Statement

Overview & Goals

Marketing is all about connections; connecting the right message with the right people, connecting
solutions to a problem, and connecting your business with customers.
At Business AEM, we help you look over your business and develop a better understanding on how to
build those connections. We help you further define your business and build a strategy that further
defines audience, message, platform, and goals.
Once we have a deeper conversation with you, we can set your marketing plan up as it were a game
board and more easily develop a plan of attack as we see everything laid out. This plan must make
sense to your business, industry, and target audience. And it is likely that a well developed marketing
plan will require a substantial look into multiple facets of the marketing tool belt, such as further
research, branding, online and offline advertising platforms, and so on.
Connections are also about relationships. And our relationship with you is a priority. We will do what we
can to help you in the best way possible. We want to put you in a position where you are above the
board and able to direct a real strategy for your business.
Let’s start making connections together, and watch your business grow.


Charles A Hice
CEO/Founder – Business AEM